Programme Structure

Programme Structure

General Programme Structure

Students are required to take a total of 128 units in the 4-year programme.

Major 66-67 units
Major Required Courses (including Honours Project)
(25-36 units)
Major Elective Courses
(30-39 units)
General Education Courses 31 units
Electives 30-31 units
  128 units

Required/ Elective courses

1. Courses suggested for "Electives" in Year 1

"Suggested Elective" courses are the introductory courses of the four Majors. All first year Studies students are suggested to take these courses during the first year of study, as an understanding of the fundamentals of the main social science disciplines is essential to the advanced study in specific discipline.

GEOG 1005 Geography & the Contemporary World
HIST 1405 History, Heritage & Human Communities
POLS 1005 Foundations of Political Science
SOCI 1005 Invitation to Sociology

2. Major Required and Elective Courses (in Years 2-4) (66-67 units)

The Major Core and Elective Courses are studied throughout the four years, progressing from the introductory to the advanced level courses and culminating in a substantial research project (i.e. honours project) in the final year.

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