As the next generation of scholars and academic leaders, the Faculty takes every opportunity to improve and enrich our graduate students skills, knowledge and exposure.  The annual graduate student conference, organise by graduate students of our Faculty, is one of the exciting opportunities for them to exchange views and network with fellows students from other universities


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The 6th Global Social Sciences Graduate Student Conference

The Faculty is pleased to announce that the 6th Global Social Sciences Graduate Student Conference is going to be held on Friday, 20 April 2018. The theme of this multidisciplinary conference is “Culture, Migration, and Identity”. We would like to initiate conversations and exchange ideas on this theme that cut across disciplinary boundaries.

We also hope that this conference will provide opportunities for students to practice presentation skills, to connect with professors and potential research partners, to increase the visibility of their research, and to learn frontier research issues conducted at other universities, both in their own and in other disciplines.   

We invite all established and emerging scholars, social sciences graduate students, including doctoral and masters students, to present your research findings:

  • Globalization of migration 
  • The impact of culture, power, and migration on changing identities
  • Geography, culture, and migration
  • Rethinking migration and international relations
  • History migration across time and space 
  • Migration and Sociology
  • Future trends of implications of migration in Asia

Keynote speaker                         

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Registration & Enquiry

-  Call for Abstract

-  Registration : (Deadline : 2 February 2018)

*Participants who want to revise their abstract after the registration deadline, please send a WORD document via email  <>

Abstract Submission

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Conference Venue


-  Conference Venue:  WLB 109, Dr Wu Yee Sun Lecture Theatre, Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University

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