Smart Societies is about using technology to build better society where people can lead improved lives. How should we use technology to improve people’s lives and build better society? How can we harness digital technology, artificial intelligence, virtual realities, citizen science, and ultra connectivity to improve health and well-being, to promote social mobility, to be inclusive and caring, and to reduce poverty and environmental harms? What data, methods, values, ethics, rules, and institutions are fit for purpose?  Our world is being rapidly and irrevocably transformed by digital technologies, connected devices, big data, and artificial intelligence and so on. In the past decade the application of technology has noticeable impacts on cities (e.g. Uber, driverless cars, ride sharing), our ways of communicating and governing (e.g. fake news, crowdsourcing, Trump election), and our health and well-being (e.g. Esport).  Our Faculty sparks research on the possibilities for, and actions necessary for creating smarter and better societies.  To do this, we exploit the Faculty’s comparative advantage and build a distinctive and trans-disciplinary approach to smart societies through four Research Themes:

1.  Environmental and Urban Systems

2.  Well-being

3.  Populations

4.  Praxis (methods and ethics)