To become a leading centre of global social science knowledge and whole person education


To work strategically and sustainably to contribute transdisciplinary and comparative knowledge on how society is changing, to deliver whole person education, and to serve community.


Personal Values: Complementing the core values of HKBU, the Faculty of Social Sciences values in individual staff colleagues:

  • Academic excellence and integrity
  • Whole person ethos
  • Collegiality

Group Values: Complementing the Core Values of HKBU, the Faculty of Social Sciences values in its staff teams and groups:

  • Acting strategically
  • Acting sustainably
  • Balancing academic privileges with collective responsibilities and mutual protections
  • Dialoguing effectively

Strategic Priority

  1. Inspiring Students through a progressive whole person education
  2. Transdisciplinary research
  3. Vibrant Faculty Graduate Community
  4. Nurture Community Respect
  5. Sustained academic and professional excellence

Faculty of Social Sciences Strategy Booklet

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