Academic Advising / Mentoring Programme

Academic Advising/ Mentoring Programme provides assistance to students in adapting to the University life and giving them advice on academic, social and personal matters. All students are strongly encouraged to join the advising/mentoring activit(ies) organised by their Departments/Programmes concerned to meet the 6-10 hours expectations. Since individual Departments/Programmes may have the specific regulations/guidelines for their students under the Academic Advising/Mentoring Programme, students are thus strongly advised to contact their Departments/Programme Offices for details.

The objectives of the Programme at HKBU:

  • To assist undergraduate students make smooth transitions from school to University and to a Major;
  • To assist students choose programmes/courses that fit their interests and abilities; and
  • To assist students set attainable academic and personal goals.

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers three levels of advising personnel/parties that will collaborate to enhance students’ success in their university studies: