Each student will be assigned a staff member as MentorNote. The mentor will meet with students regularly in an informal, friendly and relaxing environment throughout his/her study at the University.

Major responsiblities:

  • To give students advice on the academic matters such as selection of courses and exchange opportunities as well as personal, social and other matters, if appropriate.
  • To provide guidance/advice about the job search and career planning.
  • To assist students in transit to the workplace successfully


Note: Under 4-year curriculum, Year 1 students of the “BA/BSocSc”, BA/BsocSc & BEd” and “BSocSc in China Studies” Programmes adopting the broad-based admission will not be assigned a staff member as Mentor. All students will be invited to join advising activities to be organized by Departments concerned.  Therefore, mentoring will be undertaken collectively by the Departments and students are encouraged to develop informal mentor-mentee relationships with staff members.