15 Students awarded Social Sciences Undergraduate Scholarships


The Faculty’s annual Undergraduate Scholarships Presentation Ceremony was held on 20 April 2017 at Council Chamber, HKBU. This year, a total of 15 scholarships were awarded to our outstanding undergraduate students. 

Mr. Lai Kwok Hung, Senior Lecturer of Education Studies Department, Prof. Wang Donggen, Head of Geography Department, Prof. Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Head of Government & International Studies Department, Prof. Clara Ho, Head of History Department, Prof. Chung Pak Kwong, Head of Physical Education Department and Dr. Wong Man Kong, Programme Director of BSSc China Studies Programme were invited to present the certificates to the awardees. Once again, congratulations were extended to the following scholarship recipients:

Social Sciences Scholarship for Academic Excellence

  • Mr. LOK Chi Kin (BSSc-GEOG)
  • Miss LEE Po Ling (BSSc European Studies – French)
  • Miss WONG Long Hei (BSSc European Studies – German)
  • Miss LAM Sin  (BSSc China Studies – HIST)
  • Miss LEE Yan Yung (BA English Lang & BEd in Eng Lang Teaching)

Social Sciences Scholarship for Community Action

  • Mr. AU Ka Hang (BA PERM)
  • Miss CHAN Man Hei (BSOWK)
  • Miss PAO Pui Man (BSSc China Studies – ECON)
  • Miss YU Hong Ting (BA PERM)
  • Mr. WANG Beiqing (BSSc GIS)

Social Sciences Scholarship for Global Exchange

  • Miss CHEN Tianpei (BA HIST)
  • Miss CHU Ka Ki (BSSc GIS)
  • Miss HO Chun Yee Jadis (BA PERM)
  • Miss KWAN Shuk Choi (BA PERM)
  • Miss TAN Chunmei (BA HIST)

A vote of thanks to the following faculty members who served on the Selection Committee: Dr. Bettina Dietz, Dr. Tsang Yiu Kei, Dr. Chung Him, Prof. Chow Bik Chu, Dr. Qi Xiaoying and Dr. Yu Wai Kam.