Dr. Edmund Cheng wins Gordon White Prize


Dr Edmund Cheng, Assistant Professor of the Department of Government and International Studies (GIS), won the 2016 Gordon White Prize in recognition of his article published in The China Quarterly.  

The winning paper, “Street Politics in a Hybrid Regime”, examines how a series of bottom-up events in Hong Kong produced breaks in its protest frame and reveals why these events stressed spontaneous mobilisation and subsequently contested the organisational dependence towards movement associations and provoked proactive regime responses. 

Dr Cheng was honoured to be associated with past recipients whose scholarship he has deeply admired. The prize has rarely been awarded to a paper on Hong Kong, and he regarded this as recognition of one’s academic merit and the international salience of Hong Kong studies. He was grateful to scholars who have kept the field of Hong Kong studies robust and resilient over many years, and his special thanks go to the lively academic environment and the research autonomy in the University, the Faculty of Social Sciences and GIS.

He is now working on a comparative study of movement dynamics and outcomes in East Asia, some findings of which will appear in journals on political science and sociology. In addition, his research team is coordinating the World Values Survey Wave 7 in Hong Kong, a jointly funded project by the Research Grants Council and Central Policy Unit, aiming to build a cross-national and time-series dataset and examine the determinants of social and political trust in a polarised society.