Nanjing University Exchange Tour (31 May - 9 June 2017)

The Nanjing University Exchange Tour organised by the Department of History in partnership with the School of History of Nanjing University was successfully held from 31 May to 9 June 2017. The Exchange Tour was sponsored by the “Ten Thousand Student Interflow Programme” launched by the Ministry of Education with an aim to support students to participate in various kinds of experiential learning programmes in Mainland China. Students only paid for the round-trip tickets and other expenses such as accommodations, meals and entrance tickets were sponsored by the Programme.

The theme of the tour was “Explore Cultural Heritages through visiting a Prestigious University in Mainland China”. A total of 15 participants, including 2 teachers, Dr. Guangxin Fan and Dr. Jie Ding, 1 MPhil student, 8 History majors and 4 Year one broad-based students visited Nanjing University and famous historical sites to broaden their horizons. They were given the chance to connect with teachers and students at Nanjing University. All students enjoyed the time in Nanjing and have gained a lot of insights.