Students participated in Positive Education Programme


Funded by the University Grants Committee (UGC), the teaching and learning project titled the Joint University Mental-wellness Project (JUMP) has started in October 2017. Co-organised by Hong Kong Baptist University, City University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong, the project aims to enhance mental well-being, build harmonious relationships, develop healthy lifestyles and increase happiness and life satisfaction of university students. The project at HKBU is led by Dr. Sharon Leung, Dr. Pan Jiayan and Ms. Sukie Cheung of the Social Work Department.

Four workshops were conducted in the first phrase of JUMP project between October and November 2017, in which over 100 university students participated. The concepts and applications of Positive Psychology were shared in four different topics. At the first workshop, students experienced the “Flow” status by practicing magic and circus games. The second workshop allowed students to re-think their understanding on and attitudes in facing negative emotions. The third workshop tried to enhance students’ ability in teamwork through the introduction of a personality analysis tool - Personality Dimensions®.  The last workshop enabled students to understand different character strengths and their own signature strengths by diverse activities.

These workshops were well-attended by students. The goals of the workshops have been satisfactorily achieved and very positive feedback was received from the participants. They thought that these workshops were beneficial to their self-understanding and development. Many participants have expressed interests in joining the upcoming activities. 

If students are interested in JUMP, please visit the Facebook Page – JoinUsMakePositive.  Look forward to your participation!  Join Us Make Positive!