Honorary doctorate recipient Dr Pamela Chan speaks on “The Myths of Public Service & My Romantic Quest for Five Decades”


Dr Pamela Chan, the recipient of HKBU honorary degree of Doctor of Social Sciences 2017 was invited to deliver a public lecture on 22 November addressing “The Myths of Public Service & My Romantic Quest for Five Decades” with a full house of faculty members, students, alumni and business leaders.  

Speaking at the lecture, Dr Chan shared on her fruitful experience serving the social service sector, Hong Kong Consumer Council, and various capacities on boards and committees over the past 40-plus years. She considered her persistence along with her strong belief that society can continue to improve were the key reasons for her wholehearted commitment to contributing to the community.

In 1985, Dr Chan was appointed Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Consumer Council. Over the years, a lot of impactful cases were handled under her able leadership, such as the governing of travel agencies for licence application, the launch of the Trade Descriptions Ordinance, the measure of saleable area for residential properties, the proposal for sales brochure in property sales, and so forth. She said that people used to perceive the Hong Kong Consumer Council as a “toothless tiger” – with public credibility but little enforcement power. Therefore, it is even more necessary for it to perform its duties well with dual emphasis on its right and responsibility.

Dr Chan said the keys to success are the pursuit of lifelong learning with an open mind, a tolerant attitude, and the upholding of four beliefs: “I can”, “I care”, “I dare” and “I share”. Only those who can choose what is good and hold fast to it will realise the true beauty of their work.