ACCS joined the World Association of China Studies


To encourage international collaborative research on China Studies, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) takes lead to establish the World Association of China Studies (WACS). The Advanced Institute for Contemporary China Studies (ACCS) is one of the two institutes in Hong Kong being invited by CASS to join the WACS. Other members of the WACS include related institutes from the Mainland, Azerbaijan, Costa Rica, Chile, Russia, North America, Slovakia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Greece, Ireland, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Argentina, India, South Africa, Macao, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, etc.

A kickoff event entitled “International Symposium on China’s Development in the Context of a Changing World cum Preparatory Meeting for the Founding of WACS”, sponsored by CASS and organised by the Bureau of International Cooperation of CASS took place on 17-18 November 2017 in Beijing. Prof. Mak King Sang, Director and Dr. Karen Xu, Associate Director of ACCS joined with 120 scholars and experts from 20 countries and regions to explore new trends of China’s economic, social and cultural development and new perspectives of global China studies. On 18 November, Prof. Mak delivered a speech on “Transnationalism and Global History”. The two-day event was concluded by an open forum that came up with a future work plan for the WACS.