Super Summer 2014 – Science Puzzle (22 - 26 July 2014)


The captioned program organized by the Center for Child Development (CCD), was successfully held from 22 to 26 July, 2014.  Forty-four children promoting to Primary 4 to Primary 6 participated in this 5-day 2-night camp.  The program aimed to enhance children's curiosity and learning motivation, and encourage them to pursue the spirit of truth-seeking through a series of workshops in different areas of knowledge.

In the first two mornings of the camp, our children took four compulsory courses including Television Broadcasting, Sports Science, Science, as well as Psychology, and learned the general knowledge of these disciplines.  In the following two mornings, our children selected a subject of their own interest and immersed themselves in project-based learning.  They learned more in-depth knowledge of their selected subjects.  In Television Broadcasting, Miss Kathy Ng, a graduate of School of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) and Mr. Kilo Lo, a senior Television Creative Officer, introduced children the fundamental principle of TV broadcasting, and guided them to create and shoot a TV program by themselves.  In Sports Science, Dr. Rosetta Mui, Lecturer of Department of Physical Education of HKBU, taught our children how to analyze their physical abilities and plan an adequate, daily training schedule.

In Science taught by Miss Ellen Lee and Mr. Lee Tung Lok, graduates in Education from the Hong Kong Institute of Education, our children conducted experiments on the process of rusting and learned the in-depth, scientific knowledge of the phenomenon.  In Psychology, Mr. Chan Chun To and Mr. Jason Lam, undergraduates in Psychology from College of International Education of HKBU, guided our children to implement psychological experiments and introduced them both qualitative and quantitative research skills.  

In order to enrich our children’s experiences and strengthen their cooperative skills, two team building workshops delivered by Mr. Thomas Lee, a registered social worker, and exploratory activities were arranged in the camp.  We are particularly honored to have Dr. Lee Ka Yan, the well-known pediatrician, who is also an amateur children song singer, to share his experiences in being a doctor and a singer, and how he balanced a busy life between the two roles.  Moreover, children enjoyed Juggling and Painted Collage activities guided by Mr. Jackie Yuen, a professional juggler, and Miss Yanki Hui, Founder of W Studio, respectively.  Not only did our children have indoor learning, they also had an outdoor excursion during the camp.  They went to the Tree Top Cottage to taste the wild life of Indian hunters and climb on the tree house.  Our children felt excited when they had successfully climbed on the top.

In the closing ceremony, Mr. Benson Luk, our guest of honor, who is also the participant of our first Super Summer program in 1992, shared his experiences with the parents on how he felt and what he had learned in the program.  Furthermore, our children presented to their parents in groups what they had learned in their chosen subjects in various creative ways such as performing a drama and presenting a TV show.  In addition to receiving a certificate of attendance, all of our children received a souvenir package sponsored by Children Science, Innovative Net Learning Limited, and the Task Force on Sustainable Campus of HKBU.  The program ended with joy and laughter.