Faculty welcomes visitors from Georgia State University


A 5-member delegation from Georgia State University (GSU) led by the Provost, Professor Risa Palm, visited the Faculty and HKBU on Friday, 19 September 2014.  The delegation comprised of 4 other senior members of GSU, Dr. Robin Morris , Associate Provost, Dr. Jun Liu, Associate Provost for International Initiatives and Professor of Applied Linguistics, Dr. Mary Beth Walker, Dean of Andrew Young of Policy Studie, and Dr. Don Reitzes, Associate Dean of College of Arts and Sciences.

The Faculty started connecting with GSU in 2012 and a number of joint research activities involving Education Studies, Social Work and Geography are progressing smoothly. Prof. Bailey, Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, took the opportunity of this visit to introduce other members of the Faculty to the delegation, including Prof. Jack Barbalet, Head of Sociology, Prof. Tang Wing Shing and Prof. Li Si Ming (Director of David C Lam Institute for East-West Studies) of Geography.  The delegation also met with Prof. Bernhart Owen, Head of Geography, Prof. Zhou Qiming Associate Dean (Research) (and Director of the Center for Geo-Computation Studies), and Prof. Wang Donggen, Director of the Center for China Urban & Regional Studies.  It is hoped to extend opportunities for joint research on topics related to urban development and wellbeing, such as mental health, minority rights, public health, and social development. “We are very excited about this collaboration, and wishing to further expand the collaboration that will benefit students, research and academic staff of both universities,” said by Prof. Bailey.

The delegation thanked for the hospitality of the Faculty and the University.  They are also expecting more frequent exchange of personnel, including staff and student, deepening the scope and scale of collaboration between the two universities.