30th Anniversary of 1985 Geography Graduates

 Photos of  GEOG graduates taken in 1985 Ho Sin Hang Campus in 2015. Alumni are excited about today’s Department facilities and environment.

2015 is the 30th anniversary of 1985 graduates of the Geography Department. With two alumni living overseas committed to return to Hong Kong, a homecoming day to our alma mater was arranged on 21 November 2015.

Standing in front of Academic Community Hall, the graduates gathered again to take group photos as reminiscence of their student life three decades ago. They were so honored and joyful to have their respected Prof. Li Si Ming, Chair Professor and Prof. Tang Wing Shing who taught them during their study, holding a sharp banner to celebrate their revisit of the alma mater.

The graduates were so proud to learn that their Department has recently achieved the top rank in world-leading research output among Geography departments at sister institutions in Hong Kong. They were excited when seeing the advanced facilities and spacious environment of Geography Department that their younger brothers/sisters can enjoy nowadays. However, their fond memories of being Geography boys and girls still attached closely to Room 407 and the Cartography Room of the HSH campus. When they revisited their former classrooms and General Office of Geograpgy in the OEM Building, it was a valuable opportunity to reminisce their good old days.

The highlight of their activities was a 2-day camp at Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp from 21 to 22 November 2015, following their homecoming to the Department. The camp was the first-ever overnight class activity of 1985 graduates in the last three decades. Half of the class has joined the camp! Despite loosely organised, all participants did enjoy very much the evening BBQ, the leisure walk around the camp site and the brief shuttlecock playing (踢毽子).

Amongst all, they treasured the most was the late night chat of the past 30 years after graduation of each participating alumnus. It was such a wonderful time they were together to share warmly about themselves.

The two-day activities has certainly formed a meaningful life page of some participating graduates. It is hopeful another big class gathering together with their beloved teachers does not need to wait for another key year anniversary to come.