The “Sun Yat-sen Parks in the World” Database launched with Two Lectures


The “Sun Yat-sen Parks in the World” Database (, which is included in the “History in Data” (HKBU Library’s digital services), has been established under the collaboration of the History Department and the University Library of HKBU. The Database contains information about 106 Sun Yat-sen parks worldwide, supplemented by details on those Sun Yat-sen parks that no longer exist. This is a platform offering a significant amount of textual and visual materials for readers to use at their convenience. The official launching ceremony of the database was held on 11 March 2016. The event attracted a large audience, including more than a hundred of students, colleagues and external guests. 

Officiating at the opening ceremony were Mr. Henry Tan, CEO of the Luen Thai International Group Ltd.; Prof. Rick Wong, Vice-President (Research and Development); and Prof. Frank Fu, Associate Vice-President and Secretary-General of HKBU Foundation; Ms. Lily Chan, Director of the University Advancement Office; Prof. Clara Wing-chung Ho, Head of History Department; and Mr. Paul Lee, Acting University Librarian; Mr. Li Hexie, Senior Former Vice President of the Luen Thai International Group Ltd. participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The Ceremony was followed by three subsequent sessions, including a demonstration of the Database, two public lectures as well as a video introduction. Two distinguished speakers, Prof. Chen Yunqian from the Centre for the Study of the Republic of China at Nanjing University and Prof. Joseph Sun-pao Ting from the Department of History of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, delivered lectures entitled “On the Political and Cultural Dimensions of Sun Yat-sen Parks” and “On the Establishment and Political Connotation of the Huanghua Gang Commemoration Park” respectively.

This project is funded by the “Sun Yat-sen Research Fund” and jointly donated by Luen Thai International Group Ltd., Tan Siu Lin Foundation, and Sun Yat-sen Education and Charity Foundation to HKBU. The project is managed by the Department of History, HKBU, which will present activities annually. The event was jointly organised by the HKBU’s History Department and the University Library.