From Birth to Career Planning: Experts Shared the Latest Medical Theories and Daily Practices to Dyslexia


The Department of Education Studies (EDUC), together with other six reputed parties in Hong Kong, held the Dyslexia Symposium 2016 on 3 December 2016. The symposium provides a valuable opportunity for the public to have a deeper and fully understanding of Dyslexia, from the medical perspective to school learning and career planning. At the symposium, the different stakeholders in the society, including parents, teachers and social workers, have found it beneficial.

After Prof. Atara Sivan, Head of EDUC has given her welcome speech, the splendid symposium began. Dr. Catherine, C.C. Lam, a retired ex-Vice-chairperson of Child Assessment Center of the Health Department of HKSAR, gave a fist talk with a medical perspective in introducing the structure of the brain Dyslexia would have and the causes of this difficulties. Besides, Dr. Tang Kit Yi, Lecturer of EDUC, and Mr. Franky Poon, Vice Principal of HKRSS Tai Po Secondary School, delivered the messages of teaching and learning of the students with Dyslexia in a macro-level.

Moreover, Mr. Danny Wong, a registered Educational Psychologist, and Ms. Angie Liu and Ms. Macy Pang, teachers from Language Department, Youth College, Vocational Training Council, shared their concrete teaching strategies using from primary students to adolescents with Dyslexia.

More than that, Ms. Gloria Keung, a registered Social Worker, Manager (Youth Development) of Hong Kong PHAB Association and her colleague Ms. Mok Yu Yin presented their supporting service for youth with Dyslexia from campus to community: STAR. This service showed us a new angle to help youth with Dyslexia in integration and participation in the society. From the point view of parents, Mrs. Gladys Hung, teacher of Dyslexia and Honorary Lecturer of Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong told us the story of her family in bringing up a child with Dyslexia for 18 year.

Different aspects of expertise, point view and age group concerned were included at the Symposium to arouse the care to this type of children.