International experts and scholars discuss multiple themes on the history of the maritime silk road

 Professor Hamashita Takeshi speaks on “Maritime Silk Roads and Trading Port Cities in Maritime Asia: 15-18 C”.

The Department of History held the “To the Seas and Beyond: An International Conference on the History of the Maritime Silk Road” on 16 and 17 December. About 40 experts and scholars from Europe, America, Oceania and Asia participated to share their latest research findings.
Officiating at the opening ceremony were Vice-President (Research & Development) Professor Rick Wong, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Professor Adrian Bailey, Head of the Department of History Professor Clara Ho, Director of the Archaeological Institute of the National Center of Underwater Cultural Heritage Dr Jiang Bo, Assistant Director of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department Mr Chan Shing-wai, Acting Museum Director of the Hong Kong Museum of History Ms Rosa Yau, Deputy Director of the Guangdong Museum Mr Ruan Huaduan, and Director of the Macau Museum Mr Loi Chi-pang.
Presentations and discussions at the conference touched on diverse dimensions, such as maritime developments and the opening up of sea routes, China’s interaction with countries along the maritime silk road, community development and culture along the trade route, Hong Kong’s links with the maritime silk road, and underwater archaeological topics. 
Distinguished scholars Professor Hamashita Takeshi of Sun Yat-sen University, Professor Roderich Ptak of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, and Professor James Francis Warren of Murdoch University delivered keynote speeches respectively on “Maritime Silk Roads and Trading Port Cities in Maritime Asia: 15-18 C,” “Maritime Exchange and the Silk Route of the Seas: Perceptions of the Past and Present,” and “The Weather Factor: China Sea Typhoons and Tales by Joseph Conrad.”
The Conference was jointly organised with the Hong Kong Museum of History, the Guangdong Museum, and the Macau Museum.