Young scholars from worldwide discuss research findings on China studies


HKBU’s China Studies Programme, the Advanced Institute for Contemporary China Studies and Master’s Programme of Social Sciences in Contemporary China Studies, held the 4th Young Scholars’ Conference on 19-20 December. The conference, focusing on “China Studies in Trans-disciplinary Paradigms”, attracted more than 70 young scholars worldwide to share their research findings.

Keynote speakers Professor Jonathan Unger from the College of Asia and the Pacific of the Australian National University, and Professor Wu Yanrui from the Business School of the University of Western Australia, spoke respectively on “The grassroots turmoil in China’s Cultural Revolution: A half century perspective” and “Can China avoid the middle income trap?”

A total of 24 panel sessions were held with topics including the cultural approach to Sinology, cultural exchange in Republic of China, Chinese politics and international relations (1950s-1960s), Western influence and new ideas in late Qing China, labour and social class in contemporary China, Chinese religions, and rituals and power. An Outstanding Paper Award was introduced in the Conference to encourage, commend and reward research papers for high quality, originality and significance. 

The conference was co-organised by the School of Humanities, the School of Social Sciences and Institute of Education of Tsinghua University, the Institute of Taiwanese History, Academia Sinica of Taipei, the Max Webber Foundation, the Asia-Pacific Cluster for Chinese Entrepreneurial Studies, the University of Queensland of Australia, the Asper School of Business and the University of Manitoba of Canada.