Professor Peter Bol of Harvard University shares on the Humanities and the Digital Humanities at Distinguished Lecture

 Professor Peter Bol shares his valuable insights on the Humanities and the Digital Humanities. Professor Peter Bol’s lecture receives overwhelming response

The Department of History organised a Shun Hing Distinguished Lecture on 18 January, inviting Professor Peter Bol, Vice Provost for Advances in Learning and Charles H Carswell Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations of Harvard University, to deliver a lecture entitled “The Humanities and the Digital Humanities”. 
The lecture at which Professor Bol explained the concept of the Humanities and the relationship between the Humanities and the Digital Humanities received overwhelming support, attracting an audience of over 300 faculty members, students and guests. He pointed out that the Humanities provide a way of learning and thinking, which means we learn and think with cultural products and reflect on our own lives and values.
Professor Bol mentioned some insightful ideas such as global humanities and shared knowledge across cultures. He also discussed the fallacy of viewing the Humanities as traditions of western literature, art and philosophy. Moreover, he stressed that the field of Digital Humanities advances research and teaching, and creates collaboration across cultures, and as such is more than just a tool. Professor Bol, who oversees HarvardX online courses, calls for further engagement of the public in the humanities through online learning.
This is one of the distinguished lectures in the series supported by Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund to celebrate the University’s 60th Anniversary.