AAB Run For Fun 2017 and Faculty New Year Gathering


Over 100 Social Sciences staff and students joined the AAB Run For Fun 2017 on 26 January 2017. This year, the theme is “accepting challenges can make your university life have more fun”. The participants were required to run from the 3/F to 8/F of the AAB, and complete different tasks at checkpoints on 8/F-13/F before finally running down from 13/F to the Finish on 3/F.  The Faculty Cup was awarded to the Department of Physical Education based on its top 5 teams in Student and/or Mixed Group. With the highest number of participants, the Department of Physical Education was also presented the Sportsmanship Award. The results of Mixed (staff and students) and Student Teams are shown as follows.

Mixed Team

  • Champion:  Mr Man Ka Sing, Mr Au Ka Hang and Miss Cheung Cho Hang Christine (PE)
  • 1st Runner-up:  Dr. Raymond Chan, Mr Lam Hin and Miss Tiffany So (EDUC)
  • 2nd Runner-up:  Mr Yu Kwok Yin, Howard, Dr Lachlan B. Barber and Dr Chun Kwok Pan (GEOG)

Merit Awards: 

  • Dr Tam Ka Chai, Miss Poon Ka Ying and Mr Lee Hin Wai (HIST)
  • Mr Cheng Sze Chun, Mr Cheung Chi Fung and Mr Leung Yu Ki (China Studies)
  • Mr Liu Kaizhi, Ms Mina Ku and Mr Yuen Chin Chung (ACCS)

Student Team

  • Champion: Mr Yeung Po Kiu, Mr Ho Hoi Ning and Miss Cheung Oi Lam (PE)
  • 1st Runner-up:  Mr Chan Chi Chung, Mr Tang Kwok Yuet and Miss Leung Hau Ying  (PE)
  • 2nd Runner-up:  Miss Wong Ching Man, Mr Lam Kenley Ka Ho and Mr Mok King Hin  (EDUC)

Merit Awards

  • Miss Wan Cheuk Ping, Mr Liu Chun Yat and Mr Wong Chok Kin Kenny (PE)
  • Mr Wong Ching Long, Mr Wong Chiu Kwan and Miss Ho Sze Nga (GIS)
  • Mr Lau Chi Leuk, Mr Lee Ho Leung and Miss Wong Hiu Tung (PE)
  • Miss Kwong Wai Yee, Mr Lui Long Kit and Mr Tsang Chun Kit (HIST)
  • Mr Man Chun Kit, Miss Chung Shuk Ki and Mr Wu Yat Sun (EDUC)

The Faculty New Year Gathering cum Prize Presentation Ceremony was held after the Run. Participants gathered to share the joyful moments, including games, roast pig cutting, etc.