Mentor-Mentee Activities, 2016/17

SOSC Broad-based Admission Programmes: Major Application Briefing and 2017 New Year Gathering (20 January 2017)

In order to provide students with more details about the procedures and assignment mechanism of the application for a Major Programme before proceeding to Year 2, the Major Application Briefing was held on 20 January 2017. Year 1 students of Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Social Sciences (GEOG/GIS/HIST/SOC) and Double Degrees in Liberal Studies Teaching (GEOG/HIST/SOC) were invited to join the event. At the Briefing, a consultation session was arranged allowing students to know more about their interested Major(s) and seek advice from academic staff of the Major Department(s) concerned. Around 32 teaching staff participated in the consultation session and provided useful advice to Year 1 students. The Briefing was well-received with participation of 109 students and 32 staff.

In order to create a relaxing platform for students and teaching staff to meet with each other, a New Year Gathering was held right after the Briefing. Students and academic staff enjoyed the food, casual chats and lucky draw session. The Faculty was grateful for the support and participation of academic staff, students and helpers, making the event a smooth and creating an enjoyable atmosphere for the whole night.