Faculty of Social Sciences Admission Scholarship for Outstanding Students (2018 Entry) 


To recognize outstanding Year 1 students admitted to one of our undergraduate programmes in the Faculty of Social Sciences via JUPAS, whose HKDSE results satisfy the awarding criteria.

Descriptions/ Eligibility


No. of Recipients


Amount per Recipient


Application Method


  • Local year 1 students who obtain HKDSE score (i) 25 or above; or (ii) 24 with one 5* in one subject from four core subjects plus one best elective subject; and
  • Recipients cannot receive the HKBU Admission Scholarship for Outstanding Local Students concurrently.

no fixed quota


full tuition fee for Year 1 study (HK$42,100)


by Faculty selection 



Other Scholarships

In appreciation of the outstanding academic performance and experiential learning experience of our undergraduate students, the Faculty invites eligible students to apply for one of the following merit-based scholarships. Please click the links below for the application guidelines and form.

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