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Welcome to the homepage of the Broad-based Admission Programmes of BA/BSocSc in Geography, Government & International Studies, History and Sociology offered by the Hong Kong Baptist University. This programme provides a common Year One for students who have a glimpse of Geography, Government & International Studies, History, or Sociology as an academic subject, so that they can choose their Major after the end of the first year. The aim of this programme is to provide our students with sound trans-disciplinary training before their more focused learning in a social scientific Major. We trust that this broad-based training will furnish students with a firm foundation for their university studies and allow them an informed choice over the discipline to major in.

I hope you will find the information provided in this website helpful. Please feel free to contact me or the Advisors from the four Major Departments if you have further enquiries about the programmes.

Dr. KWONG Chi Man
Programme Coordinator
Associate Professor, Department of History

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