As the next generation of scholars and academic leaders, the Faculty takes every opportunity to improve and enrich our graduate students skills, knowledge and exposure.  The annual graduate student conference, organise by graduate students of our Faculty, is one of the exciting opportunities for them to exchange views and network with fellows students from other universities. 

The Faculty is pleased to announce that the 7th Global Social Sciences Graduate Student Conference is going to be held on Wednesday, 17 April 2019. The theme of this multidisciplinary conference is “Becoming Agents of Technological Change”. We would like to initiate conversations and exchange ideas on this theme that cut across disciplinary boundaries.  We also hope that this conference will provide opportunities for students to practice presentation skills, to connect with professors and potential research partners, to increase the visibility of their research, and to learn frontier research issues conducted at other universities, both in their own and in other disciplines.   

The theme this year is "Becoming Agents of Technology Change".  The deployment of technologies worldwide has over time reshaped the different sectors and brought tremendous impacts on the social, economic and political spheres of society. While such technological changes are very evident in the developed world, it remains a big challenge to equitably and qualitatively scale up these innovations globally. How did technologies first emerge as possible fix for the many challenges faced in the developed world and what insights can be drawn when these technologies were to be transplanted to Asia today? Some examples of embracing technologies can be seen in the field of Education where learning experiences of students can now be more diversified as well as facilitate students with special needs. In the field of Sports and Health, technologies are crucial in improving sports performance, facilitating the health promotion and making it “fashionable” to adopt healthy lifestyles in the 21st century. However, technologies do not automatically erase disparities across countries or among social groups in terms of access to information and services. In fact, some studies have shown that technological changes may foster uneven development and further alienate the marginalized groups in certain communities. It is therefore important to interrogate from a sociological perspective to what extent could the state intervene on the applications of technology and to harness its potential in order to align with the current momentum of development in Asia? What are the historical roles of science, technology and innovation in Asia and are there any agents or actors of “trans-local connections of innovation”? How then should we engage and reflect critically on modern debates about sustainability, globalization, inclusion and the betterment of life through technologies?

Keynote Speakers                         



Prof. Angela Leung 

Director of the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences,

Chair Professor of History, and Joseph Needham-Philip Mao Professor at the University of Hong Kong

Topic: Becoming an everyday food: changing technology and values of modern Chinese soy sauce 1750-1950

Prof. Gong Peng 

Professor and Chair, Department of Earth System Science;

Dean, School of Science,Tsinghua University

Topic: From global change to planetary health

Conference Rundown 

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Presentation Schedule & Abstracts

Conference Venue

Level 2, Madam Kwok Chung Po Fun Sports and Cultural Centre

Call for Abstract

We invite all established and emerging scholars as well as social sciences graduate students, including doctoral and masters students, to present your research findings.

Some possible areas of discussion (but not limited to):

  • Social equality and application of technologies in Asia
  • Technology-assisted teaching and learning in modern education
  • Politics and contemporary debates on technological changes
  • Agents and/or historical developments of science and innovation
  • Geographical sciences for smart societies
  • Innovative technologies in sports and health promotion
  • Technology and fostering a spirit of inclusivity

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