The European Academic/Internship Semester provides full linguistic and cultural immersion into the societies of French- or German-speaking countries through a combination of intensive language training, academic study and, whenever feasible, supervised working experience on location in Europe.

Semester I is usually spent at a university in either the French- or German-speaking area of Europe. Students will be placed individually or in very small groups at selected partner institutions of the European Studies Programme/Department of GIS. The course of study will normally comprise intensive foreign language learning and selected academic courses, as they are available at the respective partner institutions.

  • Eligibility: Students of BSSc (Hons) in European Studies ONLY
  • Programme Organizer: Department of Government and International Studies, HKBU
  • Period: Year 3, Semester 1 & 2
  • Credit Units: 9+12 units (new 4-year curriculum)
  • Mode (Discipline-related): Major-related
  • Category in curriculum: Major Required
  • Student Profile Record: Academic transcript