Student Experiential Learning Grant (SELG)

To encourage Social Sciences students to enrich their intercultural learning experiences and develop global perspectives and competencies, the Faculty of Social Sciences has set up the Student Experiential Learning Grant (SELG). This Grant will provide financial support for students engaging in non-local experiential learning opportunities.


Who is eligible?

  • Students who are studying the UGC-funded undergraduate programmes offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences, HKBU, with a cumulative GPA of 2.33 or above.
  • Students who will graduate prior to the experience taking place are NOT eligible.
  • Students may submit only one application at a time.
  • Priority will be given to the first application of Individual/Group and without other funding support.

What activities are eligible?

       Non-local activities (non-credit bearing) in which the individual applicant / small group is actively participating. This might include:

  • Internship / Placement
  • Short-Term Exchange
  • Field Trip
  • Service Learning Trip
  • Study Tour
  • International Festival
  • Conference / Seminar
  • Competition
  • Training Course / Workshop
  • Foreign Language Enrichment 
  • Research Project
  • Community Project

Diversity of the above activities is highly recommended.

*For those non-local activities (non-credit bearing) from the above categories that switching to online/ virtual means due to the COVID-19 or other possible pandemics may also be considered.

What activities are ineligible?

  • Activity from a Major / graduation required / credit-bearing course (e.g. Honours Project)
  • Activity for which the student receives remuneration to cover all the expenses incurred from transportation, accommodation or registration
  • Activity for which the student receives funding from other sources to cover all the expenses incurred from transportation, accommodation or registration
  • Retroactive funding for experiences commencing or project expenses incurred prior to the deadline of application
  • Activity for which the student has received previous Student Experiential Learning Grant (SELG)
  • Activity for which students cannot provide individual itemized receipts for grant expenses incurred

Applicant should invite a teaching staff (normally from the major Department) to be the Mentor/Advisor of the proposed activity. Application should be reviewed by the Mentor/Advisor and recommended by the Department before submitting to the Faculty. The Mentor/Advisor will evaluate the Reflection Report and Video of the student(s) after the completion of activity.


What is the level of funding?

Type Approved Grant Maximum Amount (HK$)
Individual 50 – 70 % of the estimated cost HK$ 4,000
Group (2 students) 50 – 70 % of the estimated cost HK$ 8,000
Group (3-5 students) 50 – 70 % of the estimated cost HK$ 12,000

What items would be granted?

Please refer to the Guidelines for more details.

  • Travelling expenses
  • Accommodation expenses
  • Registration fees

What budget items are ineligible?

Normally the following items are NOT considered for funding:

  • Food or beverages and souvenir
  • Equipment (e.g. computer, software, furniture, books, audio-visual equipment, etc.)
  • Payment for the guest speakers, volunteer or research participants
  • Medical or legal costs for the experience (e.g. vaccinations, passports, travel insurance, etc.)



Each application will be evaluated by the Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee (FLTC) based on the following items as well as overall quality.

(a) Provide a complete description of the planned activity

(b) Describe the benefit of the activity on your global outlook, and/or academic development, and/or personal development, and/or professional development, and/or other areas

(c) Describe your action plans to achieve your learning objectives (feasibility and ability to undertake the activity will be considered)

(d) Provide a detailed budget proposal (actual breakdown with official receipts after completion)


1. Applicants may be invited for interview.
2. The grant approval criteria are subject to review every year.
3. The Faculty of Social Sciences reserves the final rights for applications approval and the final decisions of the amount of support to be allocated according to the availability of funds.



Applicants should submit the followings to the Faculty Office by email to on or before the application deadline:

  1. A completed Application Form

  2. Proposed expenses with quotations clearly tabulated

  3. Supporting documents with details about the activity or any other relevant supporting documents

Round Eligible Activity Dates Application Deadline Download Guidelines Download Application Form
(1st Round)

Between 1 December 2020 – 31 May 2021

(Activity out of this period will NOT be considered)

21 October 2020 Guidelines Application Form

Tips (for reference only)

*Interested applicants CAN also apply for the SELG in advance if their activities (which will be held within the eligible period of that round) have not been confirmed by the application deadline (e.g. application result of the proposed activity will be released after the deadline of the SELG application). Students ought to report any changes of the proposed activities if their applications for the Grant are approved. Also, students should keep all the original invoice/receipts and/or any e-statements of online payments of their expenses for reimbursement of the Grant. Otherwise it may affect the final amount of the Grant given.


  • Retrospective/ incomplete / late application will NOT be considered.
  • Applicants should provide English translation of the content of the supporting documents if the language used is not English.
  • Individual / group applications submitted with the same activity proposal stated in Section B (1-9) of the Application Form will NOT be approved.
  • The applicant / group leader must state clearly whether the proposed activity has received or is in the process of soliciting other source(s) of funding in Section B (10-11) of the Application Form.



Round Eligible Activity Dates
(Activity out of the period will NOT be considered) 
Application Period Application Deadline
2nd Round
Between 1 April 2021 - 31 August 2021 Semester 2, 2020/21
(Around Jan to Feb 2021)
18 February 2021


3rd round

Between 1 June 2021 - 31 January 2022

(Final year applicants: 1 June 2021 - 31 August 2021) 
Semester 2, 2020/21
(Around Feb to Apr 2021)
23 April 2021

The above dates are for reference only. Please stay-tuned for the latest announcement and update.


Faculty of Social Sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University

  • Tel : (852) 3411 5949
  • E-mail:
  • Office: AAB 1325, Academic and Administration Building, Baptist University Road Campus, HKBU



  1. SELG is sponsored by the UGC Funding Scheme for Enhancing Internationalisation and Student Learning Experience in the 2019-22 Triennium.


(Last Update: 29 September 2020)