Experiential Learning

One Semester Off-Campus
Brief Introduction

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One Semester Off-Campus (OSOC) is a strategy in whole-person development by encouraging the undergraduate students in the Faculty of Social Sciences to opt for the off-campus experiential learning experience according to their interests and study plans for at least one semester during their university life.


OSOC aims to provide relevant information for students and encourage them to develop their talent and competency, and to gain further exposure through different off-campus or outside classroom learning opportunities, such as exchange, internship and community studies programmes. Apart from the well-developed experiential learning courses offered in some study programmes under the Faculty of Social Sciences, plenty of non-curriculum-related off-campus learning activities are organised by different organisations.

Why is Off-Campus Learning Important?

Enrich Your Learning Experience


Out-reaching with off-campus or out-of-classroom exposure


Skill-equipped academically and practically


Open-minded attitude and development of international relationships


Be a Cosmopolitan citizen through whole-person development

Learning Outcomes

OSOC is expected to further nurture students as a whole person with seven important HKBU Graduate Attributes through first-hand off-campus practical experience.


Be responsible citizens with an international outlook and a sense of ethics and civility


Have up-to-date, in-depth knowledge of an academic specialty, as well as a broad range of cultural and general knowledge


Be independent, lifelong learners with an open mind and an inquiring spirit


Have the necessary information literacy and IT skills, as well as numerical and problem-solving skills, to function effectively in work and everyday life


Be able to think critically and creatively


Have trilingual and biliterate competence in English and Chinese, and the ability to articulate ideas clearly and coherently


Be ready to serve, lead and work in a team, and to pursue a healthy lifestyle

What is Off-Campus Learning about?
How long?
From One semester, up to one year
When to take?
The 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of study, or summer breaks
Some study programmes allocate 12 units Free Electives in one semester
Where to take?
Local / Non-local
What to choose?
Major- or non-major related / credit- or non-credit bearing
Student Profile Enrichment
Credit-bearing activity: record in Academic Transcript
Non-credit bearing activity: record in Student Learning Experience System (SLES)
Useful Information

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Local OpportunitiesNon-Local Opportunities


Remarks: Experiential Learning in Action (Community and Civic Engagement / Global Outreach) is a required component of Social Sciences Common Core for SOSC students with effective from 2019/20 Intake. Students are expected to plan for their experiential learning journey in their Year 2 study, who can participate in the learning activity the earliest during the summer preceding Year 3. Detailed arrangement will be announced in due course.

Office of Off-Campus Learning
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AAB1319, 13/F, Academic and Administration Building, Baptist University Road Campus, HKBU
Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 09:30-13:00 and 14:00-17:30