Fruitful trip in Germany

WONG Ping Ho

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in European Studies (German Stream)


In December 2019, I participated in the European Winter Academy 2019: European Union’s Challenges in a Changing World in Otzenhausen, Germany with the support of the Faculty’s Student Experiential Learning Grant (2019-20). The program was organized by Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen which has a long history of promoting European Union and equipping students with essential knowledges of European Union and European-related matters. The European Winter Academy provided me with a series of lectures introducing various institutions of the European Union and excursions enabling me and other participants to visit four important European or EU institutions, such as the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany, the Council of Europe and European Stability Mechanism in Luxembourg. The program in which I participated is of utmost importance for my future studies and for my cultural awareness.


I learnt a lot of knowledges of European Law from the workshops session during the lectures organized by the European Winter Academy. There was a workshop session during a lecture about the Four Freedoms of the European Single Market, I could also play a judge of the European Court of Justice to make a judgement on a case concerning the free movement of goods. I could also learn the way in which judges of the European Court of Justice decide to rule whether a government of an EU member state concerned is in violation of the freedom of movement of goods. For an instance, I could learn three main steps for the EU judges to decide if the parties concerned are violating the principles of the Four Freedoms of the European Single Market. Such a unique experience enabled me to understand more about the European Law in which I am interested.


For me as a participant of the European Winter Academy, this one-week program is too short. I learnt a lot of things and encountered various interesting people from other countries. I really hope that I will have an opportunity to participate in such a program again.