Global Vision, Local Action

Tse Cheuk Hang

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History


In the beginning of 2020, I participated in a meaningful service trip to Australia (Sydney) with the support of the Faculty’s Student Experiential Learning Grant (2019-20). The Change-Makers Programme (CMP), which was organized by Leadership Qualities Centre (LQC), has it’s own motto, ‘“Global Vision, Local Action”. CMP aims to nurture participants into becoming responsible global citizens who care about the world around them.’ Therefore, in these 16 days service trip, we travelled to Sydney, with the assistant from a global eco-tourism company - GoEco, we begun and finished our service in a wild animals’ shelter named as Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park. The trip really broadens my horizon and cultivates my passion to the issue of animal right and environmental protection.


I believe the trip helps me to learn about the purpose of CMP and practice a better skill to communicate and cooperate with others. Our team included 12 students and one staff from LQC, we cooperate and work together to face the challenges from volunteer work and everyday life issues. For instance, the service has some daily tasks, like cleaning poos made by dingoes, Vicugna pacos, kangaroos, koala, wallabies etc. It’s not easy for all of us because some excretions are stinks and hard to clean only with tools like booms and shovels. Furthermore, some of our teammates didn’t know how to use knife for chopped vegetables and fruits into small pieces for preparing foods for turkeys, chickens, rabbits etc. But we do it well after spending a few days for adaptation and rangers of the park appreciate what we do for making animals’ pen become clean and comfortable. Also, making their daily work become easier and they can spend more time for tour and make an embellishment to the bush.


The trip taught us a worldwide issue - global warming problem. Taking care and concern about animal welfare and survival is quite important, but what we are doing is harming the whole world is quite an issue. Base on the carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas we release, we caused the greenhouse effect and made the temperate of the whole planet getting higher every year. The bushfire happens in Australia is one of the warning the nature gives us that we have to change our daily life habit. Otherwise our living environment will not suitable for us to live.


Last but not least, the trip is quite a meaningful and memorable experience, not because we gain a chance to travel to Sydney, but a rare chance to stay in a wild-life park and serve those wild animals which threat by bushfire. Maybe the trip duration is quite short, but it’s already enough for us to learn the story of those rescued animals and how global warming problem harming the nature. Caring about the place we are living and animals’ right issues are just the small step for us, and we have to do some further action to care and concern about the world, maybe we don’t have enough resources to help those disasters happen around the world, at least we have to do our best to change our community and affect friends of us so we can make a great change. I think that’s the meaning of CMP motto “Global Vision, Local Action”, and what the programme director want us to learn.