Support to Students

Academic Advising Programme
Programme Advising Coordinators

Each of our undergraduate programme has a Programme Advising Coordinator for freshmen and current students. His/her responsibility is to coordinate all academic advising activities for the Programme concerned. He/She works closely with other advisors of his/her Department/Programme to work out the advising activities plan, and helps new students adjust to university life and current students to plan their studies


  • For New Year 1 and Current Students 


BA/BSocSc  (ES[FREN/GERM]/GCS/GEOG/GIS/HIST/SOC) (for new Year 1 students only)  Dr. Li Jianfeng
BSocSc in Global and China Studies Dr. Kang Yi
BA/BSocSc (GEOG/HIST/SOC) and BEd in Liberal Studies Teaching Dr. Sammy Ho
BA/BSocSc (GEOG/HIST/SOC) and BEd in Personal, Social & Humanities Education Teaching Dr. Sammy Ho
BA in English Language & Literature & BEd in English Language Teaching (ELT) Mr. Tony Lai (for ELT)
BSocSc in European Studies – French Mr. Cedric Lebayle
BSocSc in European Studies – German Mr. Fabian Raetzer
BA in Physical Education & Recreation Management Dr. Kim Seungmo
Bachelor of Social Work Prof. Victor Wong

BSocSc/BSc in Innovation in Health & Social Well-being Dr. Wendy Huang
  • For New and Current Senior Year Students 


BSocSc in Geography Dr. Mah Ngar Yin Daphne
BSocSc in Government & International Studies Dr. Chan Ka Lok Kenneth
BA in History Prof. Chung Po Yin
BA in Physical Education & Recreation Management Dr. Kim Seungmo
BSocSc in Sociology Dr. Kaxton Siu
Bachelor of Social Work Prof. Victor Wong
BSocSc in China Studies – Geography Concentration Dr. Hao Pu
BSocSc in China Studies – History Concentration Prof. Chu Yik Yi
BSocSc in China Studies – Sociology Concentration Dr. Matthew Chew (Semester 1, 2021/22)
Dr. Kaxton Siu (Semester 2, 2021/22) To be provided
BSocSc in China Studies – Economics Concentration (Under Department of Economics, School of Business) Dr. Wong Kin Ming