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Student Society Activity Fund

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For AY2021/22


To encourage and show the Faculty’s support to our undergraduate student societies in organising academic related activities.


Who is eligible?


Undergraduate student academic societies in the Faculty of Social Sciences registered under the Hong Kong Baptist University Students’ Union, the Office of Student Affairs, or the Departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences, if appropriate. For programmes having no student society formed, students are still eligible for SSAF application on an individual basis.


What activities are eligible?


The Faculty encourages and supports societies to organise academic related activities, including:

  • Conference
  • Seminar / Talk
  • Workshop
  • Forum
  • Academic Week/ Trip


What activities are ineligible?


Normally the following kinds of activity are NOT considered for funding:

  • Activity from which the society will generate profits
  • Activity for which the society will receive funding from other sources to cover all the expenditure
  • Activity for which the society cannot provide individual itemized receipts for grant expenses incurred


What is the level of funding?


As a token of support, each society/programme can receive up to a maximum of HK$3,000 in each academic year from the Faculty and respective Department(s)/Programme(s) on a matching basis (1:1). The amount of Fund to be approved will not be more than 50% of the total budget of the proposed activity. No unspent support balance of each society can be carried forward to the next academic year.


What budget items are eligible?


Normally the following items are considered for funding:

  • Publicity (e.g. booth display, poster, leaflet)
  • Food or beverages (not more than 30% of the total budget of the activity)
  • Travel allowance for guest speakers
  • Any other expenses considered as appropriate by the Faculty of Social Sciences




Applications are open throughout each academic year. Completed application form with relevant supporting documents should be submitted to the Faculty Office (AAB 1325) in person/ by email at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the activity.



  • By submitting the application, applicants acknowledge that he/she has read and understood the “Privacy Policy Statement” and “Personal Information Collection Statement” (PPS/PICS) from the University (Accessible here: And applicants have authorized the Faculty Office to use those information/data collected hereunder for the purpose of SSAF and any other related purposes for the exercise. They will be presented to the Faculty and other appropriate parties in the University for consideration and processing.
  • Retrospective or Incomplete application will NOT be considered.
  • The applicant must carry an official position as one of the office-bearers of the said student society(if applicable) and the activity-in-charge at the same time.
  • Application form without the signature of the President of the Student Society and/or without the official chop will be regarded as void.




Download Guidelines

Download Application Form


Each application will be evaluated based on the following items as well as overall quality.


  • Provide a complete description of the proposed activity
  • Describe the action plans to achieve the objectives of the activity
  • Provide a detailed budget proposal (actual breakdown with receipts after completion)


Notes: The Faculty of Social Sciences reserves the final rights for applications approval and the final decisions of the amount of support to be allocated according to the availability of funds.


What are the obligations of successful academic society?


Successful applicant is required to:

  1. Sign the acceptance of the approved grant on Section C of the Application Form within 3 weeks after the result announcement.
  2. Notify the Faculty Office for any change of the approved activity proposal (if applicable) not less than 2 weeks before the activity held. The Faculty reserves the right to cancel or adjust the amount of approved grant regarding the change of activity details.
  3. Appropriately acknowledge the sponsorship from the Faculty of Social Sciences (include the Faculty Logo) in all publicity and printed materials of the activity.
  4. Submit the followings (a-d) within one month after the completion of the activity or no later than 29 July 2022 (whichever is earlier) to the Faculty Office for reimbursement so as to allow at least one month to process the payment before the end of academic year. The amount of reimbursement is determined by the approved funding rate (not more than 50%) of actual expenses of the activity which will not exceed the approved grant maximum stated on the Section C of the Application Form.


    1. An activity report to describe the actual number of attendance and how the objectives of activity being achieved, etc. (at least 300 words in English)
    2. At least 6 photos showing different elements of the activity, with the aid of videos or printed materials, if applicable
    3. Financial statement with original receipts carrying the signature of the applicant and the official chop of the society
    4. Attendance record of the activity


- Late submission implies that the applicant forfeits to claim for the approved subsidy.
- The activity report, photos or videos may be used by the Faculty of Social Sciences for publicity and sharing purposes.


Faculty of Social Sciences Hong Kong Baptist University
Office: AAB 1325, Academic and Administration Building, Baptist University Road Campus, HKBU
Tel : (852) 3411 7127


List of undergraduate student academic societies in the Faculty of Social Sciences registered under the Hong Kong Baptist University Students’ Union, the Office of Student Affairs, or the Departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences


UGC funded programme

  • China Studies Society
  • European Studies Society
  • Geography Society
  • Government and International Studies Society
  • History Society
  • Physical Education and Recreation Management Society
  • Social Work Society
  • Sociology Society
  • Students’ Union Education Studies Society
  • Students’ Union The Association of Quaternary Societies of Faculty of Social Sciences


Non-UGC funded programme

  • Psychology Society
  • Sport and Recreation Leadership Society
  • Students’ Union Environment and Resources Management Society
  • Students’ Union Social Policy Society