About Smart Societies

Our Faculty is the first in Hong Kong, China to launch an integrated programme of research and exchange on Smart Societies. Smart Societies are those where technology assists people to lead improved lives. We research the possible actions, and consequences of smart societies. We share our original research on-line and through open lectures.

Our approach is global and transdisciplinary. We collaborate internationally and draw best practice from around the world. We are problem-driven, and integrate knowledge in an ecosystem that focuses on areas of key significance to China and Asia including:

Environmental and Urban Systems (including, smart cities, smart energy, smart heritage, smart home, resilient cities, global change and evolution, planetary urbanization)

Well-being (including, healthy living, food and nutrition, active ageing and cognitive stimulation, digital health care systems, exergaming and esports)

Populations (including, digital divide, smart ageing, ethnic and racial studies, digital access, transnational networks, digital family hood)

Learning and Praxis (including, egovernance, smart school, disintermediated education, citizen science, data analytics applications)


Environmental & Urban Systems:  Prof. Bernhart R. OWEN, Professor, Department of Geography

Well-being: Prof. Patrick LAU, Professor, Department of Sport & Physical Education

Populations: Dr. Shirley HUNG, Associate Professor and Associate Head, Department of Social Work

Learning & Praxis:  Prof. Vicky TAM, Professor and Associate Head, Department of Education Studies