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What is the difference between Cultural Exchange Program (CEP) & Cultural Representative Program (CRP)?
Program Cultural Exchange Program (CEP) Cultural Representative Program (CRP)
Duration Around 10 weeks in summer Around 12 months
Eligibility All HKBU undergraduate students who is at least 18 years old at the time of application submission All HKBU final year undergraduate students who is at least 18 years old at the time of application submission
Application Period Around August to September Around January to February
How can I obtain more information about the actual working and living experience of the Programs?

Please visit Disney International Program Youtube Channel for more videos and presentations from previous participants.

Cultural Exchange Program (CEP)
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Is the internship positions assigned? Can I choose?

Applicants can indicate your preferred position preference during the application stage and interview. Final position offered is decided by the Disney recruiter based on vacancy and applicants’ suitability after interview. Applicants are advised to discuss with interviewers if there are specific posts that they wish to do or could not bear.

Is there any subsidy for the program?

Participants may consider applying for the HKSAR Reaching Out Awards (ROA) via the website of the Office of Student Affairs in January/February after successfully selected for the programmes. However, since participants are paid for the internship, the chances of receiving funding maybe relatively lower.  Please be reminded to pay attention to the financial expenses incurred for the program despite of the remuneration for the internship job. Please refer to Estimated Expenses for reference.

If I apply for academic exchange in the next academic year right after Disney’s summer internship, is there any influence on my application?

If you apply for overseas exchange program in the next academic year (1st semester / full academic year) following the Disney’s summer internship, you must plan in advance to ensure there is no time clash with the program calendar. Please check with the relevant exchange program organizer your expected arrival date for exchange in Disney and your student exchange visa processing time. If the Disney internship period clashes with the commencement date of your exchange program or there is not enough time for your processing of exchange visa at respective Consulate/Embassy in Hong Kong, you are advised to only apply for one of the programs as Disney strictly requires all participants to commit the entire internship period.

Can I gain any credit unit from participating in the CEP?

Students need to consult their Major Departments on whether the participation of internship will be recognized as the credit-bearing course in their study programmes, if appropriate. 


Students’ internship completion will be recorded in the Student Learning Experience System (SLES) by the Office of Off-Campus Learning after internship completion and submission of Final Report.

Where will I live during the internship period?
  • In apartment complexes located near Walt Disney World Resort
  • Transportation to and from work is provided 
  • Housing costs automatically deducted from weekly paycheck.
  • Approximately 10 days prior to arrival, participants will receive an email message with a link to "DORMS" (Disney's housing pre-registration system), in which they will be able to indicate their preferences for apartment complex and unit size, and possibly also indicate the name(s) of individuals with whom they would like to live.
Do I need to apply for a Traveling Visa for the internship?

Participants need to apply for the J-1 summer work /travel visa in around April and May by themselves. The Office of Off-Campus Learning will give brief introduction about the application procedures to students during the Pre-Departure Briefing in March.

Is there any insurance coverage for this overseas internship? Do I need to purchase insurance by myself?

In order to meet the J-1 visa requirement, Disney mandatorily requires all CEP-Summer participants to purchase a medical insurance for the length of the program (from a designated insurance company suggested by Disney International Recruiting). Disney International will provide the detailed information to the participants in 1-2 months before departure for taking action.
Besides, the Group Travel Insurance contracted by HKBU with Zurich Insurance Company Limited automatically covers the exact duration of the internship period for all HKBU CEP-summer participants. Students can extend the insurance period at their own expenses if needed. More details can be found from the HKBU Finance Office website.

Can I withdraw from the Program after application?

All withdrawal after the applicants’ 2nd round selection would be regarded as late withdrawal. Since no replacement could be arranged for the sudden vacant place with the limited interview quota, late withdrawal cases deprived others from being selected for this overseas internship. Such cases maybe reported to participants’ Department/Faculty/School concerned. Thus, students should consider seriously if they can commit the entire internship period before submitting the application.

Cultural Representative Program (CRP)
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What is the selection process for CRP?

Differ from the Cultural Exchange Program, there is no internal shortlisting interview for CRP. The Office of Off-Campus Learning will forward the applications received to Disney International Recruiting by the required deadline. Applicants should stay tuned to the message sent from Disney International Recruiting regarding the follow-up procedures and interview arrangement.