World-class scholar sheds light on high-speed rail and global China

 Professor Haynes delivered a stimulating lecture on High Speed Trains and Global China for HKBU staff, students and guests on 4 December 2018.

The Faculty of Social Sciences recently hosted a lecture from Professor Kingsley E. Haynes which explored how China’s world-leading investment in high-speed rail is changing its regional development.

A widely published expert on high-speed trains, and founding Dean of the School of Public Policy at George Mason University, USA, Professor Haynes noted that “China’s high-speed train experience has taught us about expanding technology and managing the expected and unexpected consequences for societies dominated by changing connectivity, instantaneous communication, rapidly diffusing technologies and new innovations”. 

Professor Haynes’ lecture was part of a new series on “How to Build Smart Society”. Over the next six months, world-leading experts will come to the Faculty to discuss how we can integrate soft and hard technologies to build smart societies where people can lead better lives. The lectures are open to all. The Faculty of Social Sciences is the first in China to establish an integrated platform of research and exchange on Smart Societies.

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