Guest speakers explore ancient scribal cultures and decolonisation at HKBU

Professor Anthony Barbieri-Low delivers a public lecture on the official scribes of ancient Egypt and China.
Professor Nargis Nurulla–Khodzhaeva speaks about “Dahlez and Decoloniality


The Faculty of Social Sciences, the Department of History and the Modern History Research Centre co-organised two lectures as part of the “How to Build Smart Society” series on 19 and 22 June.

Professor Anthony Barbieri-Low, Professor of Early Chinese History at the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, provided various perspectives of the ancient Egyptian and Chinese scribal cultures. He explored the material aspects of writing implements and the training of the scribes, and touched upon issues of personal identity, ritual significance, and afterlife transition of the scribal cultures. 

Professor Nargis Nurulla-Khodzhaeva, who is from Tajikistan and Russia, was invited to deliver the final lecture of the series. She brought to light the unique connection between intellectual and political sensitivity in Central Asia with regards to the dominance of colonies, and their ties to the process of saving and producing knowledge. 

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