HKBU-led AIE-AR team wins award from UK's Association for Learning Technology

Professor Cheung Siu-yin, a member of the AIE-AR team from the Department of Sport and Physical Education, represented the team and received the Highly Commended Team Award at the ALT Learning Technologist of the Year Awards 2019. 

The AIE-AR team, which was led by the Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning at HKBU, received the Highly Commended Team Award from the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) at the Learning Technologist of the Year Awards 2019.

The team was formed by teachers from HKBU and three other local universities. Its award-winning project, which is funded by the UGC, demonstrates an innovative approach to the teaching and learning of academic integrity and ethics (AIE) through the use of augmented reality (AR) and mobile technologies.

The judging panel commended the team on the potential to make a “dry” subject more engaging for students, and they also admired the students-as-partners approach in the second phase of the project. The award was presented at ALT’s annual conference, which was held at the University of Edinburgh, UK, in early September. For details of the team, please visit:

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