Faculty e-Seminar on “COVID-19: Social Sciences in Action”


(From Left to Right, Miss Claudia WONG, Prof. CHUNG Pak Kwong, Dr. FUNG Kwok Kin, Dr. Adam CHEUNG, Dr. GAO Meng, Dr. CHUN Kwok Pan, Prof. Julien BAKER, Dr. Dionysios STIVAS, Dr. Kelly KU)

The Faculty organised the “COVID-19: Social Sciences in Action” e-Seminar on 5 June 2020 with six groups of researchers from six departments sharing their recent research relating to COVID-19. 

In the opening remarks, Prof. Chung Pak-Kwong, Associate Dean (Development) said that there were over 4,700 research papers published since the outbreak of the virus.  The study of COVID-19 is relevant to many medical and health professionals, it is also a hot topics for social scientists.  Colleagues in the Social Sciences Faculty are analysing the impact of COVID-19 on different population groups in order to promote a smart and healthy living.  We also exploring the relationship between COVID-19 and the environment for promoting smart urban systems.  We also investigate various learning, praxis and governance issues arising from the pandemic aiming to promote a smart learning and governance structure for future.

The e-Seminar attracted around 80 faculty members and students to hear the insights and research plans shared by the speakers.  If you have missed the e-Seminar, please click here for a playback.


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