Dr. Li Jianfeng has been selected for the “RGC Research Fellow” in 2022/23

Dr. LI Jianfeng has been selected for the “RGC Research Fellow” by the Research Grant Council (RGC) in 2022/23. Dr. Li will receive a fellowship grant of around HK$5.2 million over a period of 60 months for supporting his research proposal on “Coupling traditional and non-traditional data for understanding intra-urban hydrometeorological extremes”. Our warmest congratulations to Dr. Li to receive such prestigious award!


Dr. Li is the Associate Professor in the Department of Geography. His research interests focus on the changes and mechanisms of the water cycle and hydrometeorological extremes (e.g., floods, droughts, heat waves, and cold surges) under climate change and human activities. The research project he leads in the RFS aims to explore various types of non-traditional data and identify datasets that have the potential to characterize different hydrometeorological extremes on an intra-city scale. It will integrate traditional observations and non-traditional datasets to improve the understanding of hydrometeorological extremes.


The RGC’s RFS was introduced to support exceptionally outstanding academics to facilitate their research and promote research excellence. The RFS awardees were selected for their research capability, contribution and potential impact of the proposed research project, proven research track record, leadership quality and vision in the chosen area of research.