Faculty Research Teams received the Research Impact Fund (2018/19)

The Research Grants Council (RGC) has recently announced the result for the Research Impact Fund (RIF) 2018/19.  In this exercise, the RGC received a total of 164 preliminary proposals of which 30 are supported, including two from HKBU, both in our Faculty.


We congratulate Dr. Leung Ka Man (Department of Sports and Physical Education). Her team received a total of HK$7.4 million ($5.18 million from RGC and $2.22 million from participating institutes) to conduct a project titled “Healthy ageing through light volley ball (LVB) promotion in Hong Kong and Mainland China”.  The project is for a period of 54 months.


We congratulate Dr. Pan Jiayan (Department of Social Work). Her team will conduct a 48-month project on “Development and evaluation of the effectiveness of an online cognitive behavioral intervention program for Hong Kong people with social anxiety disorder”.  The team has secured a total of $6.3 million for this project, of which $4.4 million from RGC and $1.9M matched by HKBU.


Both projects concentrate the use of new technologies for the betterment of society – a core theme in our “Smart Societies” expertise.