HKBU Jockey Club BIGMAP programme gains Bronze Prize of Smart Ageing Award

The Jockey Club Brain Invigoration and Gross Motor Activation Programme (Jockey Club BIGMAP), organised by the Dr. Stephen Hui Research Centre for Physical Recreation and Wellness (CPRW) under the Faculty of Social Sciences at HKBU, received the Bronze Prize of the Smart Ageing Award for Health Care and Well-Being, awarded by the Golden Age Foundation.


The Smart Ageing Award celebrates innovative and outstanding projects that embrace independent and dignified ageing. Professor Frank Fu, Honorary Director of CPRW, attended the award presentation ceremony on 27 August to receive the prize.


The Jockey Club BIGMAP was an innovative, theory-based wellness programme for community-dwelling older adults in Hong Kong, which lasted for 18 months and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Designed by cognitive psychologists and exercise scientists, this programme provided a combination of ten newly-developed cognitive-cum-physical game-oriented activities, talks, workshops, and 8-week training programmes, aiming at enhancing participants’ cognitive functions and physical fitness, promoting a healthy lifestyle and preventing dementia. 33 elderly centres and 819 older adults participated in the programme’s exercise classes or workshops. 98% of participants agreed that the programme had helped to improve their health. Currently, the BIGMAP’s training programmes and home board games are being regularly utilised by most of the participating centres.