Education scholar invents new tangram games to test children’s visual-related literacy skills

A scholar from Department of Education Studies (EDUC) has developed a new series of games which can be used to train and test children’s reading, writing and word identification skills at an early age.


Based on the principles of traditional Chinese tangram games, with this new method teachers and parents can easily identify children with early visual processing difficulties. This will enable the provision of suitable support and training to children in need, while also enhancing their learning outcomes. The games can also be used to test children’s visual-orthographic skills, which refers to their ability to recognise the correct orientation of characters, letters and numbers in a particular language.


Led by Dr Simpson Wong, an Associate Professor from EDUC, the research team took traditional tangram games as a reference and developed five games in total. The other researchers involved in the project were Dr Rebecca Cheng and Miss Sandrine Chung from the Education University of Hong Kong, and Dr Bonnie Chow from City University of Hong Kong.


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