GEOG Postgraduate Outstanding Publication Award

The Department of Geography (GEOG) has supported postgraduate students’ research via the Postgraduate Outstanding Publication Award since 1 September 2020. This Award aims to bring recognition to outstanding research contributions of postgraduate students’ in GEOG and to encourage them to disseminate research findings through publishing in top-tier international journals.


Previous Awardees

Applicant Title of paper Name of Journal Ranking & Category DOI

CUI Aihong

Use of a multiscalar GRACE-based standardized terrestrial water storage index for assessing global hydrological droughts

Journal of Hydrology

Q1 Water Resources;

Q1 Engineering, Civil

HOU Guolong

A meta-analysis of changes in soil organic carbon stocks after afforestation with deciduous broadleaved, sempervirent broadleaved, and conifer tree species

Annals of Forest Science

Q1 Forestry

HOU Guolong

Grouping tree species to estimate afforestation-driven soil organic carbon sequestration

Plant and Soil

Q1 Agronomy;

Q1 Plant sciences

HOU Guolong

Optimizing rotation periods of forest plantations: The effects of carbon accounting regimes

Forest Policy and Economics

Q1 Economics;

Q1 Forestry

LAI Yangchen

Global Compound Floods from Precipitation and Storm Surge: Hazards and the Roles of Cyclones

Journal of Climate

Q1 Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences

LIU Minsi

Governing eco-cities in China: Urban climate experimentation, international cooperation, and multilevel governance




Biomass partitioning of C3- and C4-dominated grasslands in response to climatic variability and climate extremes

Environmental Research Letters

Q1 Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences;
Q1 Environmental Sciences


Disentangling the effects of climatic variability and climate extremes on the belowground biomass of C 3- and C 4-dominated grasslands across five ecoregions

Science of the Total Environment

Q1 Environmental Sciences


NDVI-based vegetation dynamics and its resistance and resilience to different intensities of climatic events

Global Ecology and Conservation

Q1 Biodiversity Conservation

WANG Xinxin

Just transition: A conceptual review

Energy Research & Social Science

Q1 Environmental Studies

XIAO Xiang

Is greener better? Associations between greenness and birth outcomes in both urban and non-urban settings

International Journal of Epidemiology

Q1 Public, Environmental &

Occupational Health

XIAO Xiang

Street view greenness is associated with lower risk of obesity in adults: Findings from the 33 Chinese community health study

Environmental Research

Q1 Public, Environmental & Occupational Health;

Q1 Environmental Sciences

ZHU Liyuan

Eco-socialism and the political ecology of forest conservation in the Greater Khingan Range, China

Political Geography

Q1 Political Science