The 9th Global Social Sciences Graduate Student e-Conference




9:00 am-5:30 pm





  • Audience Registration Deadline: 23:59, 22 April 2022 (HKT)





We would like to create a safe space for all established and budding scholars as well as social sciences graduate students, including doctoral and master students, to share views on Living with New Normal: Diversity, Integration and Transcendence across disciplinary boundaries.


Some possible areas of discussion include but are not limited to: 

  • Sport and healthy lifestyle 
  • Environmental sustainability 
  • New paradigms and practices in equitable and inclusive education 
  • Impact of the pandemic on human civilization 
  • New norms, values, and social interactions and solidarity in the alternative future 
  • Governance, policies, institutions, security and the politics of vaccination in countries and beyond national borders 
  • Challenge and response of social work in the new normal  


This year, we are pleased to have Professor José Augusto Pacheco from the University of Minho and Professor Rachael Gooberman-Hill from the University of Bristol as the keynote speakers. We are also honoured to have Dr. Salomé Aubert from Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance as the plenary speaker for the e-Conference.



Professor José Augusto Pacheco

Keynote Speaker 1

Professor Rachael Gooberman-Hill

Keynote Speaker 2

Dr. Salomé Aubert

Plenary Speaker

Professor José Augusto Pacheco is full professor in the Department of Curriculum Studies and Educational Technology (Institute of Education, University of Minho, Portugal). His research focuses on curriculum theory, curriculum politics, and teacher training and evaluation. Presently, he is director of the PhD Science Education Program of the University of Minho, member of the Advisory Board of the Organization of Ibero-American Studies, director of the European Journal of Curriculum Studies, and director of the European Association on Curriculum Studies.

Professor Rachael Gooberman-Hill is Professor of Health and Anthropology in Bristol Medical School at the University of Bristol. She has been director of the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute since August 2017. She has a track record as a leader of interdisciplinary health research, particularly in relation to long-term conditions and pain. She has served on editorial boards, funding panels, committees of professional associations and charities, and committed to supporting interdisciplinary research that makes a difference to health.

Dr. Salomé Aubert is from the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance. She just completed her PhD in Population Health at the University of Ottawa. Her work focuses on the promotion of an active heathy lifestyle among children and youth. Salomé Aubert’s recent publications cover a variety of areas: global surveillance of physical activity, physical activity report card, physical activity and sedentary behavior guidelines.

Professor Pacheco has recently published an article titled “The “new normal” in education”, which can be retrieved from