GIS 25th Anniversary Event: Public Policy, Governance and Internationalisation in the Era of Digitalisation






SWT 501, Council Chamber Shaw Campus Hong Kong Baptist University Kowloon Tong

The 25th Anniversary is taking shape. Please come along and get involved. 


Theme: The main theme is: Public Policy, Governance and Internationalisation in the Era of Digitalisation. The event will be co-sponsored by Facebook and will be streamed on Facebook live.


Welcome from the Chair of the External Advisory Committee: M. Dieter Lamlé, Consul General of Germany


Directors' Welcome

A brief welcome from the current Director, Prof. A. Cole and two of his predecessors, Prof. Jean-Pierre Cabestan and Prof. Richard Balme (via Zoom).


Alumni Sharing

Alumni sharing forms a central part of our celebrations. In this session, Hong Kong-based alumni will present their messages, while those farther afield will send their virtual greetings.


Round Table: Public Policy, Governance and Internationalisation in the Era of Digitalisation

The world is more connected digitally than ever. Since the onset of the pandemic, students have discovered new modes of learning via tools such as Zoom or Cisco, while teachers have become proficient at new pedagogical techniques and practices. Two generations of researchers have mastered tools of communication by internet; even face to face meetings are now increasingly held in digital format. Internationalisation remains central for the GIS department, but has taken on new forms (home and away). Research and societal impact are move closely than ever related to new modes of communication such as Facebook. The current generation of Government and International Studies' students are digital natives; Hong Kong ranks no. 1 in the world in terms of mobile phone use (IESE Smart Cities in Motion Index, 2020). A world of opportunities lies open for our current students and alumni. While the opportunities opened by digitalization are enormous, policy-makers face new challenges, to be debated by a specially convened panel of stakeholders, alumni and staff.


The proceedings will be broadcast on Facebook live. The Department of Government and International Studies thanks Facebook for its generous support.


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