School Leadership and Management Lecture Series for EDUC MEd Students: "Managing and Utilizing School Resources for School Development"





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The talk will be conducted on Zoom. Please register by 23rd March 2021. Upon successful registration, the link to the Zoom lectures will be email to you before the lectures.


All MEd students are welcome.


Speaker's Biography:


Principal Chung is an experienced principal with over 20 year of principalship experience. He is currently the Principal of Shanghai Alumni Primary School.


Mr Chung earned his Bachelor of Education and Master of Education Psychology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is keen in promoting Chinese Orchestra and STEM education at his school. Every year, the school runs over 180 classes of extra-curricular activities to develop student’s talents and interests and cater for learning diversities. The school is also offing various exchange tours to broaden students’ horizons.