School Leadership and Management Lecture Series for EDUC MEd Students: "School Resources Management"





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The talk will be conducted on Zoom. Please register by 23rd March 2021. Upon successful registration, the link to the Zoom lectures will be email to you before the lectures.


All MEd students are welcome.


Speaker's Biography:


Mrs Eva Hsu is the Principal of Fukien Secondary School Affiliated school.   She completed her master's degree in School Improvement & Leadership with distinction on the Dean's Honours List at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Prior to her arrival at Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School, Mrs Hsu was the Principal of an international school.  Also, she assumed administrative duties and has experience as a teacher teaching English and PE. Furthermore, she is a teacher trainer.  Her strength is to train teachers to use "Backward Design" and "Understanding by design" in curriculum design and teaching; "Differentiation" in teaching; "The Dolphin Way" in parent education; and "The 7-habits of highly effective people" in management for school optimization. She has been frequently invited as a speaker at numerous local and international educational conferences.  Additionally, she is a guest speaker in an administrator course offered by the Education University of Hong Kong. She is also an instructor of the Education Bureau's Preparation for Principalship (PFP) Course, covering topics such as "Highly Effective School", "Enhancement of teachers’ assessment literacy," "Internationalization of Education," "Moral Education", and others.


She actively promotes Unicycle, Unicycle Hockey, Floorball, and other emerging sports within her school and in other schools.  Through sports she nurtures students to have determination, perseverance, and an attitude to strive for excellence.