2022 Faculty Research Retreat

Organised around various research-oriented objectives, the Faculty Research Retreat was held on 8 June 2022 at Noah’s Ark Hotel and Resort, Ma Wan.  The one-day event gathered 56 academics across the seven departments of the Faculty to exchange knowledge and ideas in a relaxed environment.  Through different group activities, staff members brainstormed innovative ideas aiming to drive future research development of the Faculty.


The Retreat was kicked-off by some interesting ice-breaking exercises led by Mr. Alfie Kong, Lecturer of the SPEH Department.  Prof. Daniel Lai, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, then officiated the event by introducing the programme rundown and objectives.  He explained that the Retreat was designed for Faculty members to understand what others have been doing and associate with each other.  Prof. Lai anticipated that colleagues would be able to join hands to identify the Faculty’s research strengths and prioritise research impact opportunities for the next Research Assessment Exercise (RAE).  


The morning session of the Retreat comprised Workshop 1A and 1B; participants were divided into small groups to examine the common research areas and build potential research synergies among groupmates.  Riding on the discussion results of Workshop 1A and 1B, participants remained as groups to brainstorm impact case stories in the afternoon session.  The five groups have altogether created six potential impact cases that could impact a sizable number of target beneficiaries.  Each group presented their stories in the synthesis session.  


In his wrap-up talk, Dean Lai  was pleased to see colleagues share their interesting ideas and their willful imaginations.  He presented the “Funniest Research Idea” award to Group A’s impact stories centring on the topic of “Social Inclusion of Ethnic Minority Youth”.  The “Most Surprising Idea” award went to the two stories prepared by Group B, one on gender-based violence and the other on the mobility and well-being of migrant workers.  Group E received the “Most Creative Idea” award for its impact story about digital experience and heritage.


Dean Lai closed the event with the last statement mentioning that the Faculty will start planning for the allocation of resources to support colleagues and departments to strengthen our research capacity.  He hoped that all Faculty members could work collectively to prepare the best submissions to the next RAE.  He said, “Whatever we do and invest in, eventually, we want those resources to benefit colleagues as individual researchers.  This is the ultimate goal that we would like to achieve”.  


Moments of this important event can be viewed in the photos uploaded to the album.