International Scholars Gathered at the 9th Global Social Sciences Graduate Student e-Conference

The Faculty of Social Sciences of Hong Kong Baptist University hosted the 9th Global Social Sciences Graduate Student e-conference on April 28. The theme of this e-Conference is “Living with New Normal: Diversity, Integration and Transcendence”. More than 167 participants from Hong Kong, Mainland China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Australia and other countries gathered and discussed hot topics in social sciences.


Prof. Qiming Zhou, Associate Dean (research) of the Faculty of Social Sciences, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He reviewed the history of the Global Social Sciences Graduate Student Conference and said that he looked forward to seeing students and scholars from around the globe benefit from the discussions and build an academic platform together,


After Prof. Zhou’s speech, the morning session of the event started. This e-Conference opened twelve thematic groups. Participants presented their latest research results and exchanged opinions on different topics, including "sports and healthy lifestyle", "environmental sustainability", "new paradigms and practices in equitable and inclusive education", "impact of the pandemic on human civilization", "new norms, values, and social interactions and solidarity in the alternative future", "governance, policies, institutions, security and the politics of vaccination in countries and beyond national borders", and "challenge and response of social work in the new norm".


In the afternoon session, the e-Conference was privileged to have Prof. José Augusto Pacheco from the University of Minho and Prof. Rachael Gooberman-Hill from the University of Bristol as the keynote speakers. Prof. José Augusto Pacheco made a conceptual analysis of the “new normal” from the perspective of pedagogy and brought into discussion numerous educational issues such as students’ learning needs in the post-epidemic era and the interaction between teaching and technology. From the perspective of public health, Prof. Rachael Gooberman-Hill deeply analyzed the theoretical and empirical significance of qualitative research methods in social sciences and advocated that social science research should adopt an interdisciplinary approach. In addition, the plenary speaker of the e-Conference, Dr. Salomé Aubert from Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance, discussed in depth the impact of children’s physical activity on global sustainable development. She argued that children’s sports practice was the key to achieving healthy, sustainable, and inclusive societies.


This e-Conference also handed out Best Presentation Awards to presenters with outstanding performance. The winners were:


  • Ms. FENG Jie, Hong Kong Baptist University

Presentation Topic: Health Awareness and Movement Behaviors among University Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Ms. YANG Min, Hong Kong Baptist University

Presentation Topic: A Face-to-Face and e-Health Blended Lifestyle Intervention to Promote Physical Activity, Diet, and Health-related Outcomes among Hong Kong Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Study Protocol for a Cluster-randomized Controlled Trial


  • Ms. Pei Yi CHEAH, University of Malaya

Presentation Topic: Kinematics of A Visually Impaired Runner on the Treadmill: A Case Study 


  • Ms. ZOU Yuxuan, Hong Kong Baptist University

Presentation Topic: Built environment, health behaviors and weight status: what are the differences between living in urban or suburban areas?


  • Mr. Md Lokman HOSSAIN, Hong Kong Baptist University

Presentation Topic: Higher Resistance but Inconsistent Resilience of Grassland Ecosystem to Climate Extremes in a Long-running Biodiversity Experiment


  • Dr. Sarah Tara SAM, Lingnan University

Presentation Topic: “I am because we are”: Ubuntu in Inclusive Higher Education


  • Ms. Agata Nina PUSPITA, Gadjah Mada University

Presentation Topic: Impact of Pandemic: Government’s Role in Resolving Gender Inequality on Indonesia’s Society


  • Mr. Tunjung WIJANARKA, Gadjah Mada University

Presentation Topic: Redefine Social Solidarity during the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Semarang City through Jogo Tonggo


  • Ms. JIANG Shengnan, Hong Kong Baptist University

Presentation Topic: Social Networks and Economic Actions: A Study of Cross-border Life Insurance Transactions between Hong Kong and Mainland China in the Face of COVID-19 pandemic 


  • Dr. Md Abu Zafor SADEK, University of Dhaka

Presentation Topic: Impacts of Digital Transformations to the Pharmaceutical Industry of Bangladesh


  • Mr. Yechan MOON, KDI School of Public Policy and Management

Presentation Topic: Sanctions vs. Humanitarian Aid: Case of North Korea in COVID-19


  • Mr. Md Ruhul KABIR, Hong Kong Baptist University 

Presentation Topic: “Do We Even Have a Voice?” Health Providers’ Perspectives on The Patient Accommodation Strategies in Bangladesh


In the closing remarks, Dr. Kelly Ku, Director of Faculty Research Postgraduate Studies, expressed her gratitude to all participants and audience members and invited them to the 10th Global Social Sciences Graduate Student Conference in 2023.



*The e-Conference was supported by HKBU Research Committee's funding for International Activities Programmes (IAPs). Grant number: RC-IAP/21-22/SOSC/01