Prof. Daniel Wong's Collaborative Project Helps Alleviate Parental Stress and Reduce Children's Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties

Prof. Daniel Wong, Associate Head and Chair Professor of the Department of Social Work collaborated with the Heep Hong Society on "Project PSI (Parental Stress Intervention) Strategies in Pre-primary Institutions" to alleviate the stress of parents who have young children in childcare.


With the use of the Social-Ecological Resilience Scale, the project identified parents with lower emotional resilience and provided them with cognitive behavioral therapy intervention. The results are astounding - 90% of the surveyed parents' negative emotions were successfully restored to a healthier level, while their children's emotional and behavioral difficulties were significantly improved.


Prof Wong's project reveals the positive correlation between parents' negative emotions and their children's emotional and behavioral difficulties, suggesting that the provision of effective interventions such as parenting therapy and support would be beneficial to both parents’ and children's personal growth and well-being.


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